Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

Before you invest in blockchain technology, our team can help you determine the right blockchain strategy for your business. Proud Technologies focuses on providing scalable and sector-specific blockchain applications that directly support our clients, working together to build better solutions from the ground up.

Industry-specific Application Creation

Our expertise is at your disposal as you develop blockchain applications to improve the efficiency in the way you do business. While blockchain can seem complex, we simplify the technology and clearly articulate how it can support your business.

Comprehensive Technical Ability

Our goal is to improve your business with blockchain applications specializing in finance, real estate, supply chain, and database management. We seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without disrupting your existing operations. Benefits include reduced costs, improved efficiency and the elimination of systematic errors and fraud.

Developer Training

Talented and experienced blockchain developers are in very high demand but extremely short supply. Our team of experienced blockchain professionals will train your existing staff to develop a practical understanding of blockchain technology and its core function in your business.

Beginner to Expert Training Service

Blockchain developers are in short supply, so let our team of experienced blockchain professionals train your existing staff in any business unit, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to have a detailed and practical understanding of the blockchain technology.

Enterprise Blockchain Education

Blockchain technology has a steep learning curve as it is constantly evolving. Our technical education staff can introduce your employees into blockchain quickly and seamlessly. Proud Technologies trains your current team to minimize uptake and allow you to rapidly develop unit-specific applications.

Major and Side Chain Expertise

The blockchain ecosystem supports a wide variety of blockchain platforms. Proud Technologies offers training on all major chains and side chains with extensive experience in smart contracts, decentralized applications, blockchain solutions for IoT and more.

Non-disruptive Deployment Techniques

Business and technology upgrades can be massively disruptive to your business and customers. Our experienced team customizes smooth deployment plans for blockchain solutions. Your business will minimize risk and downtime when deploying blockchain systems.